Harry London: Carlo III invites to talks. Date set for peace effort (w/o Meghan).


Charles III’s Attempt to Mend Relations with Harry

For months, parts of the British press have been claiming that King Charles III wants to mend relations with his second son. And now it looks like there is a date for the “peace talks”: the sovereign, according to Ok! Magazine, would have summoned his son to London on 17 September 2023. Charles and Camilla’s return from Balmoral to London is scheduled for those days, and the Duke of Sussex will have just finished his commitments in Düsseldorf, Germany, for the new edition of the Invictus Games on the fateful meeting date. Harry will fly to Europe from California with his wife Meghan Markle. But the former actress will not be present at the “peace talks” between her husband and King Charles. Because the British monarch does not want her at court.

Meghan Markle’s Exclusion from the Meeting

It seems that Meghan’s absence is one of the first “clauses” that King Charles would have imposed on the rebellious son before granting him an appointment: “The closed-door meeting must take place exclusively between father and son”. The Duchess, always according to the source of Ok! Magazine, will accompany her husband to London. But she will not be allowed to cross the gates of the Royal residence. And, like her, even Prince William would have been invited to stay away from the closed-door meeting. Because, unlike father Charles, he would have no intention of forgiving the rebellious Harry. No wonder: one of the royals most targeted in Spare is the Duke of Sussex’s elder brother. Accused of being violent and even attacked physically.

King Charles’s Will for Reconciliation

Last May, at Charles III’s coronation, the chill between William and Harry was palpable. And “irreparable”, according to many royal observers. King Charles, on the other hand, never stopped wanting a reconciliation with his younger son. So much so that last May he wanted him to be there (without Meghan Markle) on the day when a crown was placed on his head. Now, if the latest rumors are true, the sovereign would have summoned the second-born to London (again without Markle) to try to resolve all the tensions of recent years. But imposing several heavy conditions, including the absence from the meeting, of the Duchess of Sussex’s husband. Another “reconciliation clause” imposed by the sovereign: Harry must never again denigrate the royal family in public. So far, the Duke has built his new American life on it: from the Oprah Winfrey interview to Spare, passing through the Netflix series Harry & Meghan, all the Sussexes’ businesses have been founded on recriminations and complaints against the august relatives.


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