Paula Vázquez: Ectopic Pregnancy & Sterility


Nostalgia for TV Programs

The return of television programs such as ‘Password’, ‘Allá Tú’ or the ‘Grand Prix’, all with great success years or even decades ago, have revealed a trend in television that draws on nostalgia to increase audience ratings.

Interview with Paula Vázquez

And, to talk about this, on the program ‘La Ventana’ of the SER channel, they invited Paula Vázquez. The presenter, who is back on TVE with ‘El puente de las mentiras’, has hosted some of the most successful spaces on the television schedule, such as ‘Supervivientes’ or ‘Fama ¡a bailar!’.

Depression and Treatment

Shortly after being fired from Mediaset, Paula went through some of the toughest moments of her life: she lost her two grandmothers in a short time and became sterile after suffering an ectopic pregnancy, that is, outside the uterus. All this caused depression in the presenter from which it took her a long time to get out. “There were too many punches, and there I fell into depression,” Paula explained on ‘La Ventana’, adding that she was in treatment for three years.


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