Voice Kids finalists revealed: one stands out, already a winner!


The Semi-Final of The Voice Kids

On Tuesday, August 22, 2023, the semi-final of the ninth season of The Voice Kids was broadcast on TF1. After several stages of a colorful competition, the program coaches – Nolwenn Leroy, Kendji Girac, Slimane and Patrick Fiori – had the difficult task of separating the 16 remaining candidates. Candidates divided into four in each of the teams where unfortunately, only one could be selected for the final expected on August 29.

The Finalists

Nolwenn Leroy had to choose between Elise, Lou-Agathe, Oriane and Iskandar. Her choice fell on Lou-Agathe, 15 years old, who moved many people by performing Christine and the Queens’ Paradis Perdus. Patrick Fiori had to decide among Lucas, Lucie, Nathan and Matisse and the historical coach decided to trust Lucie, 12 years old. She managed to impress him on Santa’s Popcorn Salé. Kendji Girac bet on Ilyana, in his team also composed of Théo, Lina and Taiyo. At 11 years old, the young singer managed to stand out by performing Et Bam de Mentissa. Finally, Slimane stood out by selecting the only boy in the final: Durel, 13 years old. He was competing against his comrades Shéryne, Jade and Maëlys but completely seduced his coach on the title Habibi. A title composed by Slimane himself and usually performed by Kendji Girac. For the singer, Durel then imposed himself as an obvious choice. “He is out of competition, he is elsewhere,” he said with tears in his eyes, confident to see in his talent the future winner of The Voice Kids.

The Public’s Reaction

And he is far from being the only one! On social media, many Internet users were won over by Durel’s moving performance and are convinced of his victory. “Durel … This child is incredible. He conveys such emotion that I have chills and tears in my eyes … He deserves to win”, “He made me cry tonight, I hope he will win the final”, “In my opinion Durel will blow the game with 60% or more”, “We should have an exceptional final with Durel as the obvious winner”, “Durel, our winner since the beginning”, “Well, the result of the final is no surprise to me with the victory of Durel”, we can read. Lou-Agathe, Durel, Lucie and Ilyana are therefore the finalists of The Voice Kids. The outcome of the season will take place on Tuesday, August 29 live on TF1. It is the viewers who will vote to elect the grand winner.


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