Micaela Ramazzotti wins at Venice 2023 Orizzonti Extra: Fight for Happiness despite Unhappiness.


A Difficult Moment of Unhappiness

At the closing ceremony of the Venice Film Festival 2023, actress Micaela’s happiness was on the stage as she brought to the Orizzonti Extra her first work as a director, Felicità. It is the story of a dysfunctional family, with two very fragile children, two good souls. After thanking everyone who had worked with her on this project, Micaela emotionally said: «I thank my children Jacopo and Anna». And again: «I want to thank all the people who love me now and at this moment. I put my soul into it». It can be seen.

The Audience Award – Armani Beauty

Micaela won the Audience Award – Armani Beauty and said: «This award I dedicate it to those who are going through a difficult, delicate moment of unhappiness in life. Unhappiness can last a long time but we must always fight for happiness, something we all need».

The Power of Emotion

The actress’ emotion was palpable as she expressed her gratitude and thanked everyone who had helped her on this project. Her words served as a reminder that happiness is something we all need and that it’s important to fight for it, even in difficult moments.


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