Francesca Ferragni Wedding Album: Emotion & Fake News


The Wedding of Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti

In the twenty-four hours prior to Francesca Ferragni and Riccardo Nicoletti’s wedding, major news sites reported a supposed diktat that the newlyweds had imposed on their guests so that nothing about the ceremony and the reception would leak out except for their explicit formal request. Nothing could be further from the truth. Along with the official photos published on Instagram by Francesca Ferragni herself, the first details emerged from the stories of those who were sitting a few steps away from them.

The Ceremony and the Reception

The first to share something of the ceremony was Enza De Cristofaro, who showed the arrival at the altar before Riccardo Nicoletti with little Edoardo in his arms, both dressed in creations signed by Luigi Bianchi, and then Francesca Ferragni, escorted to the altar by mother Marina on her left and father Marco Ferragni on her right. After the ceremony, it was time for the celebrations put together by the wedding planner Ilaria Badalotti, who transformed the Castello di Rivalta into a fairy-tale location to meet the tastes of both Francesca Ferragni and the groom. People danced, ate and drank until the moment of the wedding cake cut made by the pastry shop Ramperti of Cermenate (Como) to which the couple had already commissioned in June the cake of the first birthday of little Edoardo.

A Simple and Classy Wedding

During the reception, Francesca opted for a second, less cumbersome and more functional dress for dancing and moving around, enjoying the evening from start to finish. The most reserved of the Ferragni sisters, who in one way or another had shown little interest in the showbiz world, preferring to concentrate on her career as a dentist, finally had the wedding she wanted: simple, classy and without too many stamps. Many congratulations to her and Riku – this is Nicoletti’s stage name – for a full and happy life together.


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