Karl Lagerfeld Weightloss: 110 to 70kg in 1 Year Without Exercise


The Spoonlight Diet: A Strict Diet with High Risks

Working in the world of Haute Couture and fashion, Karl Lagerfeld had started a very strict diet during his career. An ultra-rigorous method which is based on a hyper-protein re-balancing, that is to say that it is based on a high intake of proteins and low in calories. Called Spoonlight and created by Doctor Jean-Claude Houdret, the former protector of Baptiste Giabiconi had managed to lose almost 42 kilos in only one year thanks to this method.

What Does the Spoonlight Diet Consist Of?

So what does it consist of? “Decreasing caloric intake, especially in fat and sugar, while adding proteins to his diet with hyper-protein sachets to preserve his muscle mass. In practice, it is necessary to have a dose of proteins at least equal to 1.2g per kilo of ideal weight in women, and 1.5 in men,” explains the magazine Avantages. “The prohibition of consuming certain foods can lead to nutritional deficiencies. The necessary contributions to the good development of our organism are therefore not respected. It is then possible to feel sensations of hunger, weakness, drop in blood pressure or even dizziness. Another bad point, the fatigue being relatively important when following this diet, it is not compatible with intense physical activity,” remind the journalists.

What Are the Negative Points of the Spoonlight Diet?

“The Spoonlight diet does not allow the consumption of certain meats, as they increase the cholesterol rate. So goodbye to beef, pork and lamb. Same story for fatty fish, cheeses, starches, dried fruits and alcoholic drinks,” explains the site Deavita which reminds us that this ultra-restrictive diet cannot be done without the supervision of a doctor given the strong risk of developing deficiencies. Another negative point: the considerable budget required by this method. Indeed, the purchase of hyper-protein sachets and dietary supplements is very expensive. Even if, of course, for Karl we assume that it did not weigh in the balance…


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