Gessica Notaro vs. Haters: “Plastic Surgery Saved My Life”


Plastic Surgery Saved Her Life

Gessica Notaro is not having it. And to the haters who accuse her of going overboard with plastic surgery, she responds without beating around the bush: “Plastic surgery saved my life. I have my whole face redone.” And she adds: “Do you want something to talk about? I’ll tell you: I redid my breasts.

The Acid Attack and the Social Media Post

It all started with a post shared on Instagram a few days ago. Gessica Notaro, who in 2017 was the victim of an acid attack by her ex, posted the result of her hair styling done by hairdresser Federico Fashion Style in view of her imminent wedding. A retouched photo, as she admits herself: filters were used, “as we all do on social media,” which hid some marks and scars. But it was precisely that photo that raised comments to which she herself decided to respond. “This one went overboard with plastic surgery; there’s not much to be done: either you redid your mouth or your nose,” says Gessica Notaro, referring to the comments received. And, among Instagram’s Stories, she points the finger not at those who may think “that I used silicone,” but at “the cruelty with which certain things are said.”

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

So, the showgirl decides to list the problems of her face: “I lost a nostril, my nose has a closed nostril, I can’t breathe from this side. I have a scar that deviated my nasal septum, it hangs to the left. I didn’t redo it but sooner or later I’ll have to do it again,” she explains. Moving on to the mouth: “It’s not redone, it’s enlarged because a scar was created that pulled up. And this has caused me no small problems of mobility at the functional level.” And again: “Now I don’t take off my glasses because I don’t have the bandage and you would see the mess I have around my eye.” From there his relationship with plastic surgery: “Bless it always, it saved my life. Do you see the incredible result I achieved with plastic surgery?” Then, Gessica Notaro goes on the offensive. And gives haters and those who love to gossip a serious reason to do so: “I redid my breasts,” she says ironically. “Since I was tired of going back to the iron always because of a let’s call it ‘accident’ I suffered, I thought one beautiful day: now I want to go back to the iron to take a whim.” And she emphasizes: “As you can see, I have no problem telling you that I redid my breasts. I was fine as I was before, but they threw a bottle of acid at me, I’d like to see you if you were in those conditions.” The showgirl, finally, concluded the Stories with an appeal and an invitation to the followers: “Love yourself more, take care of yourselves, make yourselves beautiful, so that when you learn to love yourselves you will break less c … o to the next.”


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