Late Marriage: 94yo Hugues Aufray Weds 49yo Murielle – Reasons for His Delay Explained


A Story That Began on a Train

On Saturday, September 2, 2023, Hugues Aufray said yes for the second time: he married his companion Murielle after eighteen years of love. A story that was born during a train journey and which therefore knows a new chapter with their marriage, to which a multitude of personalities responded present, such as Jean-Luc Reichmann and Renaud.

A Late Marriage

The latter created the buzz with the alleged news of the pregnancy of his companion Cerise, quickly denied by the interested parties. A celebration under the sign of love that can surprise, due to the age of the groom, the latter celebrated his 94th birthday last August 18th. The magazine Gala returned to the reason for this late wedding. Before being the husband of Murielle, the interpreter of Santiano was married to Hélène Faure in 1951, a former dancer, granddaughter of the writer and historian Elie Faure. She gave him two daughters, Marie, born in 1958, and Charlotte, in 1951. If the couple had separated – and therefore not at all polygamous as he had loudly claimed -, they had never divorced. Not wishing to break the family bond, the former lovers did not officially divorce and in 2020 on On est en direct on France 2, the singer explained: “You can’t reject someone who has given you beautiful children, grandchildren, who has made sacrifices for you. You can’t throw them away overnight, divorce is something very humiliating for the one who is abandoned. “

A New Chapter After the Death of His Wife

It was after the death of his wife Hélène Faure on October 6, 2022 that Hugues Aufray could take the plunge, without betraying the woman with whom he founded his family – he is now a great-grandfather. Very marked by the divorce of his parents when he was 16, the artist wanted to respect the oath he swore in the church in 1951. On the set of Télématin, he then explained: “The mother of my children being deceased, a remarkable woman, but being deceased, I am released from my oath. And now I’m going to marry Muriel who deserves it. ” A relationship that gives him infinite energy, as he explained in Paris Match which made its cover with the event: “If I have kept my youth, it is partly thanks to Murielle, my young companion. She pushes me, she inspires me. “


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