Michelle Hunziker pregnant: caressing belly, crying for silly things


A Moment of Change

I wanted to get married before the baby was born. Take a break during the pregnancy, with a family party. Yes, Michelle Hunziker decided to pose with her baby bump. “To tell this special moment of my life, to be proud to show my body that is changing, because seventeen years later I am a mother again, and I have a man full of love for me”.

A Proposal of Love

Monte Carlo, terrace of a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel with a view of the Principality. When Michelle arrives she seems younger than usual. Visibly pregnant, in great shape. Men’s eyes on her. And the telephoto lenses of the paparazzi who the next day will steal an image from our set, a blurred imitation of her beauty. Did she really want to get married with the baby bump? “I thought about it. But it would have been too frenetic. I preferred to follow the natural times of our story. After all, it was also like that for the conception. From the beginning, Tomaso had a strong desire for fatherhood, and this determination for me was already a great proof of love. Also because I wanted the same thing”. Is it true that he kneeled to ask her to marry him? “Of course it’s true. He made me cry: I got the usual wide and red nose. We had a working evening, he waited for me to finish my makeup and then he made me cry with the proposal. We women are tough, but in those moments everything goes away”. When are you getting married, then? “There is no date, but it will be soon”.

A New Awareness

Was it a sought pregnancy? “I have a strong maternal instinct, I have never kept silent the desire for other children, and Tomaso is the right man. But, with my job, if you plan to have a child maybe you will never do it. There are contracts to be respected, it is difficult to take a break on purpose. I let nature take its course. Of course I didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly. I like to think that the girl was conceived in Palermo on January 24, my birthday. When he found out, Tomaso laughed endlessly”. She was 19 when she was expecting Aurora from Eros Ramazzotti, who would soon marry her. What memories does she have of her first pregnancy? “I like to compare the girl I was and the woman I have become, with the pros and cons of maturity. I was an uncontrolled mother, I was skiing, I was riding a horse at the seventh month, I had an uncontrollable energy”. And now? “I have a different awareness, which makes me take some moments of relaxation with her: I caress my belly, I am in a sort of beatitude, I am already trying to establish a dialogue with her. And then I have less fear, I have already lived through everything“.


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