Toto Cutugno: 50 yrs of love, betrayal, son & sister’s death.


Toto Cutugno and His Family

The singer-songwriter Toto Cutugno, who died at the age of 80 after a long illness, had been married to Carla for almost fifty years. The two said “yes” in 1971 and did not have children. However, thirty-three years ago he became the father of Nico, the result of an extramarital relationship. That betrayal failed to break the love with Carla. In fact, it was she who pushed him to recognize the boy and to build a relationship with him: “Carla could have thrown me out of the house, but she didn’t“. The first thing she told me was to recognize my son and give him my surname,” Cutugno said in an interview. Adding that Nico, a graduate in Economics, “is one of those many good Italian boys on whom our country should focus”.

Father and Son Bond

Then in 2019, in an interview with TV, Sorrisi e Canzoni, the singer-songwriter spoke of his role as a father and declared: “I deserve 10 points for loyalty. I have always taught my son Nico to live this way, without disrespecting anyone. What has he taught me? To be sincere. If I lie, Nico gets angry. But I like lies very much”. There are also many social images that tell the bond between father and son. For example, in 2018, for the 28th birthday of the boy, the singer-songwriter published a series of shots that portrayed them together over the years: “Nico is my light, it illuminates the days,” Toto wrote in the post. Adding: “Thank God he now lives in Milan and so we are almost always together”.

Toto’s Sorrows

However, family life has also brought Toto many sorrows. Which he himself recounted in the interview given to the Corriere in 2018: “I saw my sister Anna, the oldest, die under my eyes, suffocated. She was eating gnocchi and one went down the wrong way. She was 7 years old, I was 5. A few months later my brother Roberto was born, to whom I wish an eternity of love, who became ill with meningitis and since then, as the doctor predicted, has had an agitated life. And then my other sister, Rosanna, who was the first baby to be operated on in Italy, in Turin. Dad got into debt for that operation. Which he finished paying in installments in 1978, two years before he died”. It was his father, a trumpet player, who brought him closer to music. At nine years old Toto was playing the drums in the same band as his father in La Spezia. Thus was born the artist who has sold more than 100 million copies in his career, becoming one of the most successful Italian singers of all time.


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