Lorenzo Jovanotti Bike Accident: Leg Shorter Than Other


Jovanotti’s Accident and Recovery

Jovanotti’s recovery from his bike accident last July in Santo Domingo may be slower than expected. “Now my leg is shorter by one centimeter, one centimeter and seven. Like Pantani, who won the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia in the same summer with a leg shorter by two centimeters because he had an accident,” Lorenzo Cherubini told the program Non è un Paese per vecchi, on RaiRadio2. Jovanotti will have to move with crutches for a while, “They predicted another 4-5 months for me,” he continued, emphasizing that the treatment was timely but not impeccable. “The Dominican doctors forgot to align your femur,” the orthopedist told me. But there should be no complications, just a bit more time,” the 57-year-old singer continued.

Jovanotti’s Positive Outlook

Jovanotti tried to see the best in what happened to him, aware that it could have been much worse: “If a car had come in the other lane it would have hit me. In general, I tend to minimize what happens to me and read the opportunity that is offered to me, in this case which I would have gladly done without, to stop, to stay calm, to do physiotherapy like a good and disciplined boy.” The recovery will probably force the singer to postpone the idea of PalaJova 2024, a series of concerts that Cherubini had imagined for the first months of 2024, February, March and April. He had revealed his intention to return to the arenas for a great party with his fans on social media, but then due to the accident he had not spoken of it again.

Jovanotti’s Uncertain Future

But the last word has not yet been said; after all, with Jovanotti, you never know.


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