Charlène Monaco: Feeling Better, Ready to Swim Again


Charlène of Monaco: A Busy Few Days

Charlène of Monaco had a busy few days recently. She first went to the stadium with her husband Alberto to watch the match between South Africa and Scotland for the Rugby World Cup, and then took photos with her children Jacques and Gabriella, who had just gone back to school. Charlene is feeling much better than a few months ago and is now very active both in her official duties and in her private life.

Charlène of Monaco’s Health and Relationship with Alberto II

In an interview with Monaco-Matin, she reassured everyone about her health, saying she feels “in great shape, happy and serene”. She also wants to start exercising again, “I walk regularly, but I would like to start swimming again to regain some energy and feel stronger”. Her husband Alberto II also recently spoke to Corriere della Sera about the rumors of a crisis between him and Charlene. According to gossip, Charlene lives in Switzerland and sees Alberto only by appointment; a relationship without anything in common. Alberto denied this in the Italian newspaper, saying that “Charlene had some difficulties many months ago, but now thank God it’s over. She supports me in the leadership of the Principality, but we are not attached to each other 24 hours a day, we are also a working couple and the work sometimes allows us to see each other only at the end of a long day full of appointments”.

Charlène and Alberto’s Union Focused on the Principality and Children

Looking at them together, it seems that all this distance that has been rumored for a long time is nothing, especially considering the fact that, according to the malicious, they would have been in crisis since the day of their wedding, when she would have tried to escape from the altar. Between hypotheses and court gossip, life seems to be flowing peacefully, with a union focused on the Principality and on the children, always the first thought of the former swimmer. Charlene of Monaco wants her children to have “a happy childhood”, as she reaffirmed to Monaco-Matin, sure that belonging to a family like the Monegasque one will give the twins “support, so that they can understand their role in the future”. A slow process that will necessarily have to be shaped on a constantly changing world. This year, the little princes will face a new challenge: for the first time since they started school, they will be in different classes. An important step that did not intimidate them in the least, enthusiasm prevailed. And mother Charlène could not be prouder of them.


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