Bénabar devastated by sudden loss: Grief-stricken artist after friend’s death.


Sad Death of Bénabar’s Friend

There is great emotion for Bénabar, Bruno Nicolini by his real name, and his entourage. On his Instagram account, the singer-songwriter and actor shared a sad news: the death of his friend, the musician Denis Grare at 68 years old. He wrote with palpable emotion: “So much time shared. You will miss me so much. Bruno“. Among the reactions to this post, we can see La Grande Sophie’s. “Huge thought to the whole team so united, to Denis’s family. Too young to leave, what a sad news. I hug you all,” she commented next to the photograph published by Bénabar. A grief shared by many acolytes including the artist Guillaume Muller: “It is with indescribable sadness that I announce the sudden death of Denis Grare. Since yesterday, I can’t get over this news. You were an incredible meeting for me both professionally and as a friend. My tears won’t stop flowing.”

Bénabar Shares Memories of Denis Grare

On Instagram story, Bénabar shared other moments spent with Denis Grare and also his music, that of Majorette. A song whose accordion notes of the late musician give shivers. Among the comments under the title on YouTube, some say: “In my humble opinion, this is the best song of Bénabar”, “The most underrated song in the history of French song“.

Bénabar Marked by Other Trials

A disappearance that affects the life of Bénabar, marked by other trials including the tragic disappearance of his friend whom he had met during the shooting of a movie. The father of two then dedicated a song to the young actor, Les Mirabelles, who died after a car accident.


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