Father arrested for sexual abuse of rescued jungle children.


Miraculous Survival of Four Minors

Manuel Renoque, the biological father of the young Tien, 5 years old, and Cristin, one year old, and stepfather of Lesly, 13, and Soleiny, 9, the four minors who miraculously survived for 40 days in the Colombian jungle after suffering an airplane accident in which their mother died, has just been arrested.

Accusations of Sexual Abuse and Mistreatment

The Colombian Prosecutor’s Office has accused him of alleged sexual abuse of the minors, to which an accusation of mistreatment could be added. News that has shocked the world after the terrible conditions in which the little ones had to survive for 40 days in the jungle. Manuel Renoque in a June 2023 image. The maternal grandparents of the children have always maintained that Renoque inflicted mistreatment on his daughter, who died in the air accident on May 1. He, however, has denied all the accusations. In fact, as soon as the little ones appeared, he asked for parental authority to take charge of them, something that his grandparents also did and which in his eyes was with the intention of taking advantage of the help that the Colombian Government promised them after their journey through the jungle.

Custody Process Could Take Months

It is still to be determined who gets custody, a process that could take more than six months.


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