Yann LoveIsland GoatStory: Yann Explains His “Goat Story” Causing a Stir.


The Goat Story: What Really Happened?

Even though he was not chosen to continue the adventure, his speed-dating with the beautiful 35-year-old shepherdess went very well. Yet, the Internet users and media of all kinds only remembered one single phrase … Yann Buffat, a professional writer, awkwardly attempted a joke when he met Anaïs. Thus, in the episode broadcast on Monday, August 21, 2023, he revealed to her that he had “had a story with a goat“. But of course, the truth behind this little joke is very far from the rumors that followed …

Why Write to Anaïs?

To delve into the question, Yann Buffat contacted the said suitor. Why did you decide to write to Anaïs? More for an experience … In fact, I am a writer and I had an idea for a story in mind. It was about a journalist infiltrating a show. At that moment I saw Anaïs’ portrait, it must have been 11 pm or midnight and I thought I’d try. After two months, I got a positive response and, by the way, it had completely slipped my mind … They told me that they had already taken the hotel room, the train etc! So I said to myself “why not, it’s still an experience” and, since I’m single, I thought “you never know, a crush can come quickly”. But in the end it brought me more problems than anything else, because with this famous story of the goat, now I still pass for some kind of zoophile …

The Goat Story: A Misunderstood Joke

Can you explain to us what is really going on with this famous goat story? I dare to hope that most people don’t think of the worst. But it’s beating me up on social networks … To put the context back in place, at the beginning of the speed-dating Anaïs tells me that before she worked with horses, so I answer her that “goats are good too”. Then she asks me if I have ever had experiences with farm animals. To rebound on this question and make a little joke I answered that I had indeed had a story with a goat. So they took that phrase. But she, on the other side, was laughing! But on the show, they showed her making a face … The truth is that when I was a kid, every summer, our community set up a small educational farm and I took care of animals there. I must have been about 10 years old. Among the animals I took care of, there was a small goat and I learned to make cheese with her. I had loved it too! The story was cute at first, but it went all over the place!


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