Chiara Ferragni Fedez: Crisis at Sanremo, Disappointed by Lack of Support


Behind the Scenes of Sanremo 2023

The crisis has been there and maybe it still is. The much awaited special episode of The Ferragnez goes behind the stage of the Ariston, behind those backstage photos so commented and talked about, reveals the lip and what happened afterwards inside the most social couple in Italy. And it was a bit of what, despite the couple’s silence for several months, had been intuited: he stealing the scene from her again; she realizing everything that is wrong. Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, in the last episode of the Amazon Prime Video series, available today, tell their darkest moment, even if only in the last ten minutes. The rest is the step-by-step chronicle of Chiara’s adventure as co-host of Sanremo 2023. There are tears, anxiety, tests, preparation, clothes, makeup, diction lessons. In short, the whole package.

Chiara’s Moment of Truth

And then there are the sentences that – within fiction – show a couple really in trouble. “It’s my moment, I’m always the one following his problems, now he has to be there, it’s my challenge. If he supports me as I expect, it will be even better. Support for me is one of the ways to show love,” says Chiara Ferragni before going on stage at the Ariston. At Sanremo, we remember, Fedez was also expected to be present. He arrives a few days after his wife, to record Wild Moss (yes, Luis Sal is also there, and today we all know how it ended). He is a guest for the duet with Articolo 31, he has to perform on the ship and he will do so by attacking the government and Rai. Finally, he ends up kissing Rosa Chemical live on TV. “Break everything, I recommend it,” and again, “She’s my wife, I’m so proud of her,” are the words of Fedez during the first evening. Then, as we all know, everything falls apart. There is the monologue on the ship, the controversy that ends up on the front page.

Chiara’s Disappointment

I like to throw myself into the fire, I can’t help it,” he explains to the microphones of Prime Video. “Fedez is a great performer,” adds her, who still seems to understand him. And then comes the finale, Rosa Chemical and that kiss. From that moment on, nothing else will be talked about. Chiara is very bad on stage, she returns to the dressing room: “We can’t take him anywhere,” she tells her staff. At first he doesn’t realize it. “I was very agitated about what he could do,” she explains in the video, “I had asked him to be there only for me, without doing something that could put me in difficulty. He was just supposed to applaud me like I did on so many occasions. He had told me yes and it wasn’t like that.” And again, for the first time, Chiara Ferragni’s version: “He can do what he wants as an artist, I will always respect his will, but as a partner I wanted his support. Whoever had to calm me down scared me a bit. I was sad, angry, disappointed.”


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