Chiara Ferragni Fedez: Reason for Post-Sanremo Crisis Revealed


The Repercussions of a Kiss

In 2023 Sanremo, Chiara Ferragni will be one of the co-hosts of the festival and Fedez will be the protagonist of a live connection from the Costa Smeralda ship, when he improvised a freestyle produced by Salmo, then a medley with Articolo 31 and, finally, a kiss with Rosa Chemical, which remained in the annals of the festival. And it was this last episode that caused the flood, apparently provoking the wrath of his wife, and so much so that there was much talk of a crisis between the two after the events, also helped by the rapper’s disappearance from social media.

The Truth That Everyone Was Waiting For

After almost seven months, Italy’s most social couple will return to the issue on September 14th on the launch of the episode of The Ferragnez 2 dedicated to Sanremo. “The truth that everyone was waiting for and that nobody has yet told”, reads the trailer, while images of the couple on the stage are shown, immediately after the kiss between the singer and Rosa Chemical. “I wasn’t completely lucid”, Fedez reveals in the promo of the episode, while Ferragni admits what many gossips had already hypothesized at the time: “It hurt me even more than I could imagine. I had asked him to be there as a spectator for once and not as a performer”. With his presence at Sanremo, and in particular with that kiss, without any sentimental implications but which still made a lot of noise, Fedez has in fact stolen the show from his wife on her most important evening, the last one on the stage of the Ariston. It was inevitable that Chiara Ferragni was upset, with repercussions on the couple, although fortunately not irreparable.

Fedez’s Open Heart Confession

“I’m going through a period where I prefer to stay as far away from social media as possible. This decision has nothing to do with my relationship with my wife, whom I thank for her constant support. See you soon”, Fedez announced a few days later, before taking a break from Instagram & co. On his return, an open heart confession: “Since January I have been prescribed a very strong antidepressant that has ‘changed’ me. Due to side effects, I had to stop taking it suddenly, without tapering off. Those who are familiar with these medications know that this is usually not done”. A drug that Fedez had taken after the illness (a tumor in the pancreas discovered and treated in early 2022). Today he and Chiara Ferragni are closer than ever and ready to tell what has happened in the last few months. Fans are already all ears.


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