Christian Denmark: Met Italian Fiancee to Grandma Margrethe II


The Young Royal Couple

He hasn’t turned 18 yet, but Christian of Denmark, the eldest son of Prince Frederik and his wife Mary Donaldson, has already introduced his girlfriend to his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II. She is Maria Chiara of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies, already spotted alongside the royal scion at the last Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco.

Queen Margrethe II’s Approval

According to an insider who spoke to the Woman’s Day website, the princess was presented to Her Majesty during the summer (nearly over for the Danish royals) during an informal tea. According to the source, Christian would have been “enthusiastic” about the invitation, because the queen is not one “who takes tea with anyone”. An invitation that is worth as a sign of approval, in short, although the two boys are so young that it is definitely out of place to talk about serious commitments. The invitation, however, can also be read in another light. Margrethe II is very interested in the life of her nephew, second in the line of succession to the throne, and this interest also includes love stories; the woman he will marry, after all, will one day be queen of Denmark: “It is his duty to invest time in Christian’s happiness and in his choice of partner,” continued the insider.

Maria Chiara of Bourbon

Maria Chiara of Bourbon seems to have the cards in order to enter a royal family. Eighteen years old, daughter of Prince Charles, Duke of Castro, great-great-granddaughter of Francis II, last king of the Two Sicilies and his wife Camilla Crociani, in the absence of a kingdom she does not disdain the red carpet, she is passionate about fashion and dreams of founding a brand with her older sister. As with many girls of her age, life is also social, between parties, holidays and family gatherings. Shots in which Christian has never appeared, at least so far, with the exception of a photo published by Maria Chiara’s older sister, Maria Carolina, on the occasion of the GP of Monaco. With them, also other friends. It is not known how long the sympathy has been between the two boys, but the two families have known each other for a long time. Maria Chiara’s father is the godfather of Josephine, one of Christian’s younger sisters, but the links are also important with other royal families, as the same princess told Corriere della Sera some time ago; from the friendship with Leonor of Spain (Felipe VI and her father Charles are cousins) to that with Alexandra of Hanover, the youngest daughter of Carolina of Monaco. “There is a nice understanding with Christian,” she admitted. Who knows that in a few years there won’t be a royal wedding of fairy tales. If they are roses …


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