Francesco Totti Ilary Blasi Rolex: Shared Possession for Both


The Ongoing Rolex Dispute

There is still a war between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi over the Rolex watches. The family watches, inevitably at the center of the divorce case due to their value (about 80 thousand euros) will remain available to both former spouses for the time being. This decision had already been taken by judge Francesco Frettoni of the Rome Civil Court last June, ruling that the precious watches in dispute should be kept in a shared safety deposit box, in “co-possession” of the former Roma captain and the presenter, a kind of “shared custody”.

Ilary Blasi’s Appeal

However, Ilary Blasi appealed for the custody of some Rolexes. The appeal was unsuccessful. The panel of the VII section of the Rome Civil Court rejected the presenter’s appeal against the Frettoni ruling, obliging Blasi to pay the legal expenses and to return all the watches to the joint box with Totti, pending the definitive determination of ownership. For this, however, another case will be necessary.

The Tug-of-War Over the Sports Facility

The Rolex war has been at the center of the couple’s separation case from the beginning. In fact, before the divorce announcement, Blasi had withdrawn some watches from the family safety deposit box, unbeknownst to Totti, two or maybe four. In court, the showgirl had maintained that they belonged to her, because her husband had given them to her, which however the direct interested party had categorically denied. It is also not clear how many Rolexes are in total at the center of the dispute, there are 7-8 watches in total. On other issues, however, there is already a truce. After a long tug of war, Silvia Blasi, Ilary’s sister, who managed the ASD Longarina Sports Company owned by the former footballer, returned the keys to the sports facilities, which in addition to the soccer fields include a padel court, a great passion of Totti. At the center, again in this case, economic issues. According to Blasi, during the pandemic the former Roma fantasist had decided not to ask the sister’s company for the rent for the fields; after the separation from Ilary, however, there was a change of pace, with the request for arrears of 170 thousand euros. After a first attempt at an agreement, then failed, Francesco Totti decided to proceed by legal means, with the aim of regaining possession of the sports facility as soon as possible. And so it was. At the center of the discussions between the two former spouses now remain the Rolexes, and neither Francesco Totti nor Ilary Blasi seem willing to give in.


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