Francesco Totti returns to Eur with Noemi Bocchi?


Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi’s New Home

There is a feeling of newness for Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, as they are reportedly intending to leave their current residence to move to the Eur. The fact of having lost the villa, moreover, has never gone down well with Francesco Totti, as would not go down well the fact that today it is also home to Bastian Muller, Ilary’s new partner. The man often stays with Ilary and, worse for Francesco, is very close to Isabel, the youngest of the three children; this is why marking the territory for him would have become a priority, at the cost of changing house.

Tensions Between the Two Families

But it’s not just this that is troubling him. The former footballer would also be at odds with the rest of the Blasi family, especially Silvia, Ilary’s elder sister. The woman, head of the Asd Longarina Company, has been managing the Totti Soccer School for years, which, in addition to the fields and soccer school, also includes a padel court. Blasi recently received an eviction notice, with a deadline of June 30th. However, the Blasi family would have no intention of giving up. According to them, in fact, there was an agreement that Totti would not respect: during the pandemic, the former Roma fantasist decided not to ask the Blasi Company for rent for the fields; after the separation from Ilary, however, the change of direction and the request for arrears for 170 thousand euros. According to La Repubblica, in the meantime the soccer school would have accumulated debts for 50 thousand euros, but above all Silvia would feel betrayed by the former brother-in-law. An issue that inevitably adds to the existing tensions between the two families and that does not seem destined to be resolved with a handshake.

Moving Closer to Three Children

This is a desire of the former captain, who would like to be closer to his three children, Cristian, Chanel and Isabel, who remain living with Ilary Blasi in the family villa, which is located in the south of Rome. Totti and Bocchi are looking for a house in the area, between Viale Africa and Viale della Musica, although they have not yet identified their dream residence. This is why marking the territory for him would have become a priority, at the cost of changing house.


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