Iñaki Lopez, Andrea Ropero: Parents of 2nd Child


A New Chapter in Life

Andrea Ropero and Iñaki López welcomed Jara on Monday, who has become the little sister of Roke, six years old. The one responsible for making the good news public was Gran Wyoming during the broadcast of El Intermedio. Along with Sandra Sabatés, they revealed the name of the little one and assured that the protagonists of the story are in good health. They took the opportunity to send their encouragement and congratulations to their colleagues, who are assuming that they are one more in their family.

A Special Day to Remember

Jara was born two weeks after her parents celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary, remembering the wonderful day when they changed their lives. Andrea Ropero shared on her Instagram profile a photo of that May 25th when they said “I do” and joined their lives forever.

A New Challenge

Now, the couple faces a new challenge in their lives, which they will surely enjoy as they have done so far. Now it remains to be seen how good an elder brother Roke is and how he adjusts to this new reality that the little one has brought. Welcome, Jara!


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