Kate Middleton, Rave Princess: Royalty & Music Unite


Kate Middleton’s Secret Outing

We already knew that Kate Middleton loves to dance. The princess has danced many times, even in official occasions, with her husband William. Nevertheless, nobody expected to see her at a “rave”. But it seems that it happened. According to the Mirror, last weekend the daughter-in-law of King Charles III secretly attended the Houghton Festival in Norfolk. An event of 24 hours based on “high-class” electronic music, as the British tabloid specifies. Accompanied by a swarm of security men, Kate did not attend the event with her husband but with her friend Rose Hanbury, who has long been pointed out as William’s lover.

Rose Hanbury and Prince William’s Alleged Affair

Born in 1984, former model, married to the sixty-two-year-old Marquis of Cholmondeley, from whom she had three children, Sarah Rose, known as Rose, ended up in the spotlight in March 2019, when the British tabloids – at the time Kate was pregnant with her third son Louis – spoke of an affair between the marchioness and William of England. There is no proof of the alleged extramarital relationship. However, at the time it was rumored that the beautiful marchioness, who was 23 years younger than her husband, was rather tired of her marriage and had therefore approached the prince, who had fallen into her trap. The two couples, neighbors at Anmer Hall in the Norfolk countryside, used to meet regularly according to the British tabloids. And Kate and Rose were great friends. A friendship that, according to rumors, ended for reasons of the heart (and horns).

Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury’s Recent Outing

Kate Middleton, Rose Hanbury and Prince William during a gala evening in 2019 But now the tabloids tell us a whole different story: Kate and Rose allegedly attended the Houghton Festival in Norfolk together, apparently denying the alleged (royal) horns story. Especially since, according to the Mirror, Middleton never broke off relations with Rose. It seems that the idea of ​​going to a rave together came up last winter, when the princess dined without William (who stayed at home with George, Charlotte and Louise) at the Cholmondeley Marquis. It was then, the British tabloid explains, that “David and Rose invited Kate to participate in the rave”. Middleton was very nervous at the thought, but after much discussion she was convinced. One of the most beloved soap operas of the British press – the affair between the heir to the throne William and the blazoned neighbor Rose Hanbury – seems definitively disassembled. But to give new satisfaction to gossip, Kate, already nicknamed by the tabloids “Princess of Rave”, takes care of it.


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