Kate Moss Family: London Brunch Photos – See the Fun!


Family Brunch in London’s Luxurious Mayfair District

Kate Moss was photographed in front of a famous restaurant in London’s luxurious Mayfair district with her father Peter, brother Nick and her partner, enjoying a family brunch under a warm summer sun. Chatter, hugs and smiles, but no trace of her sister, from whom the top model is said to have taken a bit of distance. Someone among the fans focused on the detail of the cigarette in the model’s hand, once labeled as “the greatest smoker of all time”: a few weeks ago, however, she had been immortalized in West London with an electronic cigarette, so much so that someone was already talking about “changing habits”.

Happy with Her New Lifestyle

No luck, even if Kate Moss’s lifestyle habits have changed a lot in general. “Since I started taking care of myself, everything has changed,” she revealed a year ago to ES Magazine, launching her beauty brand Cosmoss. “I’ve never been so happy. I like to wake up and do pilates or yoga, I love the morning because I see the day ahead of me full of things to do. The important thing in changing the lifestyle,” concluded the model, “is not to change yourself“.


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