Meghan Markle Censorship by Royal Family in Suits TV Series


Meghan Markle’s Career Before Joining the Royal Family

In 2016, when the story between Harry and Meghan became public, Markle was acting in the popular TV show Suits, where she played the lawyer Rachel Zane. However, her acting career was not the most suitable for the fiancée of a member of the British royal family. And indeed, Markle soon left the set.

Royal Censorship in Suits

But now we find out more: Buckingham Palace, as long as Meghan continued to act, exercised some control over the contents of Suits. At least this was revealed in an interview with the American media Hollywood Reporter, by Aaron Korsh, author of the very popular TV series that these days with replicas on Netflix is beating every record of listening. According to Korsh, the Royal House wanted to read every future script of the series. And he discovered that Meghan, in an episode, would have to say the phrase It’s poppycock! (“It’s nonsense!”). An innocent phrase, very common among both English and Americans, which however Buckingham Palace found “potentially vulgar” and imposed to delete from the script. Reason? The word cock, in English slang, means “penis”. “The royal family just didn’t want her to say the word poppycock,” explained Aaron Korsh. “I presume they feared the risk of hearing her say only cock. So they forced us to change the phrase, which irritated me a lot.”

Meghan’s Newfound Freedom

Seven years have passed since Meghan was “censored” by the royal family. And now everything has changed. The Royal House no longer has any control over the Duchess of Sussex’s lines. Who in fact took advantage of the regained freedom to shoot zero in public, several times and always in couple with Harry, against the august relatives. So many attacks, to tell the truth, seem to have proved a boomerang. Her popularity, after the continuous public complaints against the Windsor, is now at the lowest historical level not only in England but also in the United States. It is not a good time either on the money and career side: Spotify, with which the Sussexes had signed a contract for 15 million dollars, has recently unloaded Meghan due to the poor success of her podcast Archetyphes. Nevertheless, according to the British press, Markle would have (grandiose) plan Bs. There are those who say that they are aiming for the White House, who swear that she is about to relaunch her career as an influencer, and who are sure that she will return to acting. If this last hypothesis were true, this time the royal censorship could do nothing: Meghan, even on celluloid, will be free to say what she wants.


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