Meghan Markle, Trevor Engelson’s Revenge is Served!


Meghan Markle’s Divorce

Before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, as is well known, had another husband: California producer Trevor Engelson. It was she who wrote the word “end” after two years of marriage, in 2013. And – as revealed in the unauthorized biography Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, written by British journalist Andrew Morton – she did it “out of the blue”, in a “brutal” way: “She returned Trevor’s wedding ring by registered mail”. A decidedly unkind and elegant gesture, because of which the two are not at all on good terms.

Trevor Engelson’s Revenge

Now a friend of Engelson has told the British press that the producer was “devastated” by the breakup and “shocked” when Meghan started dating Prince Harry. But “everything has changed now”: “When I saw him recently, Trevor kept saying he was the happiest man in the world, that he loves being a father and that he has never felt so fulfilled”. Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson in a 2011 photo The producer, in the long run, has taken a nice revenge: in 2019 he married Tracey Kurland – a dietitian who inherited a fortune of 500 million dollars (395 million pounds) from her late father – and the following year he became the father of a daughter. He has such a bad memory of Markle that “in her presence everyone avoids pronouncing Meghan’s name”. But his life today is “even more beautiful than that of the Duchess”: “He is doing what he loves, he is far from gossip, and he probably now has more money than Markle. It’s the ultimate revenge”. Trevor Engelson with his second wife Tracey Kurland

Meghan and Harry’s Struggles

As if that were not enough, Trevor is now a big shot in Hollywood. While in the Mecca of cinema the Sussexes are floundering. It was they who expected to “become the royal of Hollywood”, but for months now they have been facing dark times. Their popularity, after the constant public complaints against the Windsors, is at its lowest in the United States. And it’s not a good time either on the money and career side: Spotify, with whom the Sussexes had signed a contract for 15 million dollars, has recently dumped Meghan due to the lack of success of her podcast Archetyphes. Of course, there is still the 100 million dollar agreement with Netflix, but Harry’s latest project, Heart of Invictus (which the prince also took advantage of to launch more complaints against the British royal family), was “a flop”. That’s how Newsweek defined it, explaining that the series, released on August 30, failed to enter the top 10 of the most watched of the week. Trevor Engelson meanwhile goes on with his life as “the happiest man in the world”. And although he has never uttered a word in public about his ex-wife Meghan Markle, an anonymous friend spoke on his behalf: “The revenge is definitive”.


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