Prince Harry: lawyer links ‘700 chimney sweep to cyber piracy.


Prince Harry’s Accusations of Computer Piracy

Four hundred and forty thousand pounds, a little over 500 thousand euros: this is the amount requested by Prince Harry from the Mirror Group Newspapers, whom the youngest son of King Charles accuses of computer piracy.

Prince Harry’s Testimony in Court

When Harry testified in court earlier this month, becoming the first royal in 130 years to appear in the witness box, he also accused the Palace of being aware of the telephone interceptions against him, describing how the constant intrusions of the tabloid press into his life have destroyed his relationships, leaving him with bouts of depression and paranoia. Testimony that could lead the judge, who is expected to issue his verdict in the fall, to grant further compensation for damages.

Prince Harry’s Legal Team’s Argument

Harry’s accusations, however, are not supported by great evidence: no journalist has confessed to listening to the prince’s personal voice messages, and no data from his calls have been found. Of course, both parties recognize that the hacking of celebrities’ phones was quite widespread in the early 2000s, but the Mirror claims that its information simply came from its private investigators, and it is difficult, at this stage, to prove that illegal activities were committed. And this is where Harry’s legal team thought of calling a young chimney sweep of three hundred years ago: the young Armory, in 1722, after finding a jewel took it to a goldsmith to be valued. He stole it, returning an empty box. The chimney sweep took him to court claiming what was his, and the judge ruled that, in the absence of the original jewels, it should be presumed to be of the highest possible value. So, Harry’s lawyer said that even if the evidence is lacking, the facts remain: the press has published private information about him without his authorization, and therefore a compensation must be recognized.


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