Shakira’s Kids Sasha & Milan Sing with Her at the Piano: Social Video


Set aside (temporarily?) the gossip of her being courted by Lewis Hamilton and Tom Cruise, as well as the war with Gerard Piqué now inseparable from his baby girlfriend Clara Chia, Shakira is back to talking about what she loves the most: music and her two children Sasha and Milan, 7 and 9 years old, from her ex-partner. The Colombian pop star proudly posted a video of her new song Acróstico on Instagram, in which her two children sing and play the piano with her. “This year Milan has written songs that have brought tears of emotion to me and Sasha has dedicated hours to the piano, discovering her voice. Both of them spent some time with me in the studio and after listening to this song they asked to be part of it. They felt and interpreted it in their own way and for themselves, with the same passion and emotion of a person who carries music inside them,” she commented. The lyrics of Acróstico were written so that the first letter of each line of text formed the words Milan and Sasha. And the words of the song are a love letter to Shakira’s children: “You have shown me that love is not a scam and when it’s real it never ends”, sings the Colombian pop star. She adds: “All I want is your happiness and to be with you / Your smile is my weakness / Loving you serves as an anesthetic to the pain / It makes me feel better / I’m here for everything you need and you came to complete what I am.” After the painful separation from Gerard Piqué, the artist had so far used music as a tool of revenge against her ex-cheating partner and his new girlfriend (in reality his longtime mistress) Clara Chia. The famous revenge song Music Sessions Vol 53 is full of vitriolic phrases that have gone around the world. Like: “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio.” Shakira’s children have inspired her to now start a new life. Having left Barcelona and moved to Miami with her children, Shakira has left the time of pain behind and is looking for happiness, as she also tells in her new song Acróstico. In her last social post the pop star was clear: “There is nothing that makes me feel more satisfied than being their mother.” -Piqué attacks Shakira’s Latin American fans: “They don’t have a life”. She answers: “Proud of my origins” -Shakira leaves Barcelona with her children: “In search of happiness” -Everyone is crazy for Shakira, courted by Lewis Hamilton and Tom Cruise -The lyrics of Acróstico were written so that the first letter of each line of text formed the words Milan and Sasha, a love letter to Shakira’s children


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