Sophie Davant’s Daughter Valentine with Partner William Leymergie – Big News!


William Leymergie’s Show Returns to C8

While several shows have already resumed this week, the start of the season will be a little later for others. William Leymergie gives his viewers an appointment on Monday, September 4th, from 12:30 pm on C8. The host will then take back the orders of his show William at noon. As always, he will be surrounded by several columnists and experts, including Antoni Ruiz who deals with celebrity news, Caroline Ithurbide who always has practical advice and good deals, or Caroline Delage, responsible for the news. Health, consumption, home, garden and animals … all themes will be addressed as always. And nutrition of course.

Valentine Sled Joins the Team

On this point, William Leymergie may trust a new one, namely Valentine Sled. Aged 27, she is none other than the daughter of Sophie Davant and her ex-husband Pierre Sled (also the parents of Nicolas, born in 1993). On Instagram story Wednesday, August 30th, Valentine indicated that she had participated in the back-to-school shooting with the rest of the program team, shot on the set of William at noon. “Hi, it’s back to school,” she simply noted, without saying more about her future role. Having become a culinary journalist, the beautiful blonde has proved that she knows the field. For example, she has already worked in the shadows for The Best Baker (M6) and also uses her pen for Les Hardis, the “media of beauty and goodness”. Moreover, Valentine launched in 2020 her own website, Sled et Poivre, on which one can find her recipes, her good addresses to eat well or still her tricks to cook at a low price.

William and Sophie’s Relationship

Joining the C8 show also appears as a family affair since William Leymergie is the companion of her mother Sophie Davant for more than a year! Rather discreet about their relationship, the two presenters have nevertheless already made public outings together, such as for the wedding of Claude Lelouch or more recently at the Ramatuelle Festival, in the Var.


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