Spanish Royal Irene Urdagarin turns 18: all you need to know


Irene Urdangarin Celebrates 18th Birthday

Irene Urdangarin turns 18: the youngest daughter of Infanta Cristina and her ex-husband Iñaki Urdangarin blows out the candles on June 5. She celebrates in Geneva, where she lives with her mother, with a family party to which, as revealed, her father will probably also participate, on parole since March 2022 after being sentenced to almost six years in prison in 2018 for embezzlement and tax fraud. The probable meeting between her parents, however, does not presuppose any return of flame. On the contrary. Cristina and Iñaki, who said goodbye in February 2022 after twenty-five years of marriage and four children, were waiting only for the youngest of the house, Irene, to turn 18. That day has arrived. So Irene, on the one hand, will experience the joy of reaching an important milestone, and on the other hand, the bitterness of her parents’ final break. A fitting epilogue, after all, of a marriage undermined by Iñaki’s frequent infidelities.

Irene’s Life and Passions

Despite the family storms, Irene goes on with her life. Made up of study (she is about to enroll in a prestigious Swiss university) and many passions. She loves music (she plays the piano), speaks perfect English and French, and is a very sporty girl: she plays tennis, skis, sails, swims and runs. In her free time she likes to be with her friends and go shopping. Those who know her well, then, say she is an independent, intelligent girl, with a great sense of humor. Very reserved, however. The niece of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, in fact, does not have open profiles on social media and has appeared in public very few times (we last saw her last January at the funeral of King Constantine of Greece). Yet for some time now, with her angelic face, blue eyes and long blond hair, she has attracted the attention of international media. An interest that is sure to increase.

Irene’s Parents’ Final Break

Cristina had always forgiven her husband’s escapades. But when the former handball champion was “caught” hand in hand with 43-year-old lawyer Ainhoa Armentia (to whom he is still linked), the sister of Felipe VI decided to say enough. Cristina of Bourbon “will never reconcile with Iñaki Urdangarin” -Cristina of Spain and Inaki Urdangarin, wedding anniversary at a distance (because he is in jail) -The brother-in-law of King Felipe sentenced, could go to prison.


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