Summer Surprise Couple: Miguel Bernardeau & Greta Fernandez


Romance in the Summer

Summer is the time for romances, and every year many couples are formed during the summer season. It seems that Cupid has done his work between two young actors of the moment: Miguel Bernardeau and Greta Fernández. The two share their passion for acting, having been born into a family of artists (Miguel is the son of the actress from ‘Cuéntame’ Ana Duato and Greta, of the actor Eduard Fernández) and a very close relationship.

Paradisiacal Holidays

We have seen Miguel and Greta Fernández together enjoying a place where they could live some paradisiacal holidays. It seems that from one summer to another the life of the protagonist of ‘Élite’ has changed a lot personally, and it is that the actress of ‘Unicornios’ gets along great with the whole family. Thus, Greta appears in some snapshots with Andy Duato and María, cousin and sister of Miguel Bernardeau.

Familial Support

The couple is very lucky to have the support of both families, who have welcomed Greta with open arms. It’s clear that the relationship between Miguel and Greta is strong and full of love, and that the family environment is the ideal place to strengthen it.


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