Vicky Martín Berrocal’s Luxurious & Colorful House in El Rocío


Vicky Martin Berrocal: An Incredible Flamenco Dancer

Vicky Martin Berrocal is an incredible flamenco dancer who never misses a year to visit the famous village of Almonte to see the famous Jump of the Reja from the front row… and what better way to do it than in her impressive family home! Although the designer now lives between Seville and Madrid, the truth is that she was born and raised in Huelva.

Curious Childhood in Huelva

In fact, Vicky had a curious childhood since, while living with her mother and sister in the Andalusian city, her father, José Luis Martín Berrocal, always went and came back because he had another family in Madrid! So, this great house only brings her memories of her ex-boyfriend Manuel Díaz, who loves to spend as much time here as possible. Just like her daughter Alba, who has also revealed previously unknown corners of the beautiful house …

A House of Andalusian Style

The patio of Vicky Martin Berrocal’s house in El Rocío is a house of Andalusian style, with whitewashed walls and full of patios and porches. Vicky’s mother usually lives here, who, as she has explained on her networks, “takes care of this patio with so much love”. Every time the festivities are celebrated in El Rocío, the Martín Berrocals open the doors of their home, and many famous people come there. This year we have seen, for example, Eva González. Eva González, at Vicky Martin Berrocal’s house. Here her father also spent most of his life, and both his widow and his daughters try to keep his memory alive. In fact, one of the patios is called “El Rincón de José Luis”, and even has a statue of the patriarch. The father of Vicky Martin Berrocal is still very present in his house.


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