Alejandra de Rojas: Inside Juan Carlos’ Illegitimate Daughter’s Palace


A 180 Degree Turn

On April 27th, Alejandra de Rojas’ life took a 180 degree turn: this young woman went from being a discreet aristocrat known only among the jet circles, to her name being on the front page of all media. The reason? A book pointed her out as the alleged secret daughter of the emeritus king.

A Refuge of Peace

It were days of great tension for the daughter of the Countess of Montarco, until both parties, both Alejandra and King Juan Carlos denied their kinship. A few weeks later, another tsunami passed through Alejandra de Rojas’ life: she was separating from her husband, Beltrán Cavero, after just under five years of marriage. To this day it is unknown whether this separation has not yet been made effective or, on the contrary, it was only a crisis that the couple has overcome, because the truth is that Alejandra de Rojas continues to live in the Quinta de Mirabel, the 16th century cigarral near Toledo that belongs to her husband’s family. The alleged illegitimate daughter of the emeritus king is a great lover of the countryside, so between the walls of the Quinta de Mirabel she has found a haven of peace that she shares with her son Pepe, her dogs and her horse, Fierabrás.

A House Full of History

Alejandra de Rojas and Beltrán Cavero’s house has a history: it dates from the 16th century, and some of its initial constructions are still preserved. In the 80s, this house was the refuge of the artist Andy Warhol on his last visit to Spain, before dying. The polyhedral artist described the surroundings of the estate and the city of Toledo as “Disneyland, but for real”. In addition, in 2011 it became a movie set: Pedro Almodóvar shot the film ‘La piel que habito’ in Alejandra de Rojas’ house, a thriller with Elena Anaya and Antonio Banderas. The four walls of this house full of history (and stories) are serving the aristocrat as a refuge to spend the most tumultuous months of her life. Decorated with a rustic style, this house is very cozy for lovers of the countryside, since it combines the classic with modern touches.


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