Julia Vignali Leaves Telematin: No More Sharing the Spotlight, First Reactions


Sophie Davant Leaves “Affaire Conclue”

For six years, Sophie Davant was the face of “Affaire conclue” on France 2, since its launch on the air in 2017. But now, the presenter had a desire for change and, over the weekend, rumors about her leaving the show were confirmed. The public service channel turned to Julia Vignali! A big surprise given that Kad Merad’s wife had recently said that she would be back for a new season of “Télématin”. Finally, “Affaire conclue” was apparently too good an opportunity for her.

Julia Vignali to Take Over

“She wanted her own show, without having to share the poster,” was whispered. Another source unfortunately fears that Julia Vignali could end up going round in circles: “She may risk getting a bit bored with “Affaire conclue” as the shootings can be long and repetitive, far from what she had been doing so far”. But, contacted directly by Le Parisien, Julia Vignali said she was “very happy with this transfer”.

Marie Portolano to Host “Télématin”

While the beautiful brunette will discover the world of brocante, Marie Portolano will take her place as host of “Télématin” alongside Thomas Sotto. The same colleague who had already replaced her two years earlier on M6 at “Le Meilleur Pâtissier”. “Télématin can’t be refused. Even less when you love sports and you’re a few months away from the Olympic Games. And it should go well with Thomas Sotto, because he respects the fact that she is a journalist and not just a presenter,” is sensed around Marie Portolano.


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