Alena Seredova Wedding to Alessandro Nasi


A Special Day for Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi

Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi said yes. In the splendid setting of Noto, a city that had already hosted a wedding, the couple, together for nine years and with a daughter, the little Vivienne Charlotte, born in 2020, decided to take the big step by joining according to the civil ritual. The images leaked on social media show a smiling Alena Seredova, wrapped in a white dress with a generous neckline and accommodated on a convertible next to her new husband. To celebrate the union was the mayor Corrado Figura, who on his own social channels posted a photo with the newlyweds with an attached dedication: “To Alessandro and Alena, with the wish that the city of Noto may always warm their hearts”.

A Meaningful Place for the Newlyweds

The choice of Noto, which the couple reached aboard a sixties Tiffany-colored Fiat 500 convertible, was not dictated by affective ties or particular reasons, indeed: Seredova and Nasi chose the city because they wanted to marry in a place unknown to both so that it could become meaningful for both, giving life to an important first time. The couple was helped in the organization by the wedding planner Alessandra Grillo, while among the guests appeared several familiar faces: from John Elkann, the groom’s cousin, together with his wife Lavinia Borromeo, Alena Seredova’s witness and the one who presented husband and wife, to Giorgio Chiellini and his wife Carolina Bonistalli up to Laura, the companion of the former Bianconero Ogbonna.

A New Chapter in Alena’s Life

Great absentee – but on this we had few doubts – was Gianluigi Buffon, Alena Seredova’s first husband and father of her two children, Louis Thomas and David Lee, born respectively in 2007 and 2009. After the betrayal suffered and the pain faced both privately and publicly, through interviews in which the disappointment and bitterness were evident, things for Alena improved in 2015, when Alessandro Nasi entered her life on tiptoe, helping her to trust love and its wonders again.


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