Alessandra Mastronardi Wedding on Capri: Who’s Groom Gianpaolo Sannino?


Alessandra Mastronardi’s First Love

Gianpaolo Sannino has a private profile (@giansunny) on Instagram, followed by less than 400 people, which speaks volumes about his desire to stay away from the spotlight. It won’t be easy because today, July 8th, he married 37-year-old actress Alessandra Mastronardi, who has 840 thousand followers. He met her 17 years ago, before the boom of the fiction I Cesaroni, but the relationship only took off recently. Who is the man who managed to take her to the altar? He is a Roman dentist from a renowned medical practice, but he also works at the Policlinico Tor Vergata and the San Raffaele Hospital in Rome, and his public biography is linked to the studies and specialization he has undertaken. He has rarely appeared next to the actress, reserved but constant, the doctor was Alessandra Mastronardi’s first love and, although they both had other relationships, they found each other a couple of years ago and never left each other again.

Away from Gossip and Paparazzi

The announcement, made exclusively in April, did not provide many details about her new husband, but the choice of not marrying another artist speaks volumes about the type of sentimental future Alessandra Mastronardi wants, that is, away from gossip and paparazzi. Regarding their debut as a couple at a public event, she revealed: “He cursed me because, being reserved as he is, he was agitated. I told him to relax. He said: ‘What are you talking about relax?! On our first outing you take me to a place with the President of the Republic?'” It was very funny to see him in difficulty”.

The Birth of the Lovestory

She tells the story of the birth of the lovestory this way: “I was 20 years old and had just finished the series I Cesaroni. Gianpaolo, who is four years older than me and is from Salerno, had come to Rome to study Medicine at Sapienza. I was very sad about the end of a story, I had been crying for weeks. No desire to go out, then one of my friends introduced us one evening. He said to me: ‘I will introduce you to the man of your life, but don’t fall in love with him’. And I fell madly in love with him, in fact. It also happened to him: only that we were young, Gianpaolo did not trust the world of show business, and he left me. An end that devastated me, I tried in every way to get back with him but he was unmovable. We chased each other for a lifetime. We never found the right time. I had talked about it so much to my friends, that in the end they thought it was a mythical animal, that I had made it all up … We called him Mister Big, like Carrie Bradshaw’s first great love in Sex and the City”. It was the proverbial thunderbolt: “I realized it the first night we spent together, when we met. I remember perfectly that I entered that house and had a precise feeling. I told him: ‘I saw us in 20 years'”.


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