Alicia Bruno: Clearing Up the Split?


Break-up Announcement

At the end of the sixth season of “Mariés au premier regard” (M6), Alicia and Bruno stayed married for more than a year. Unfortunately, on May 10th 2023, they announced on Instagram that they were “taking a break”. Since then, the pretty blonde has said she hasn’t been in good spirits while her husband has been living life to the fullest.

Surprising Trip Together

Despite the very tense situation, internet users noticed this weekend that the two exes had flown to Bali… together! An incomprehensible situation that led some fans to ask for explanations… Annoyed at receiving hundreds of messages accusing her of having faked a break-up to create a buzz, the beautiful Alicia wanted to express herself. So very angry, she took control of her Instagram account to set the record straight in writing. “I’m going to set the record straight because too many people are not capable of thinking correctly. Yes, Bruno is in Bali. Yes, I’m here too. We had already talked about it. It’s a group trip that we booked since last December. It’s a group trip organized with friends we know. Sorry if we’re not rich and can’t sit on almost 5000 euros of travel! That’s why we didn’t cancel! “, she explained first with anger.

Respecting Suffering

Even though they left together for the trip, Bruno and Alicia are not forced to be together every day, far from it! “It’s a spiritual trip where we can each discover the country with a large group of 40 people. To dare to think that we are not human enough to ‘buzz’ about our feelings, one must be crazy! “, she added. Exasperated by the lack of tact of some internet users, Alicia wanted to remind how complicated the situation is. “Some people have no respect for the suffering I endure and he probably endures too. I have cried too much because of this break-up so your lack of respect, I do not accept it! Thank you for letting me enjoy my trip “, she insisted before concluding, categorical:” I will never speak about it again now. “We recall that she and Bruno are not yet divorced and that they are supposed to take a simple “break”. Nevertheless, rumors of infidelity concerning the former candidate of “Mariés au premier regard” have largely darkened the situation… To be continued.


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