“Angus Cloud: Mom’s Heartfelt Social Letter”


Tragic Accident Clarified by Angus Cloud’s Mother

When we hugged goodnight we told each other how much we loved each other and he told me we’d see each other the next morning. Lisa Cloud Mclaughlin, Angus Cloud’s mother, has dedicated a post to her son’s passing at the age of 25 on July 31st, to clarify her point of view on his death. This clarification arises mainly from the hypothesis put forward by several users on social networks that “his death was intentional“. And on this point, the mother seems to leave no room for doubt: “we can find out that he overdosed in a tragic accident, but it is abundantly clear that he did not intend to leave this world”.

Joyful Last Day of Angus Cloud

This certainty of hers also comes from the joy shown by Angus Cloud on his last day. The actor was at his family home in Oakland, California. The last week had certainly not been easy for him and the family: “although my son was suffering a lot from the premature death of his father from mesothelioma, his last day was happy”. The mother describes some moments of that last day before the fatal tragedy, talking about her son almost as if he were an adolescent when she refers to the fact that he had taken time to reorganize his bedroom, placing his things around the house because she thought he would stay there for a while. The mother also refers to economic matters, writing that Angus Cloud wanted to “provide for his sister’s college studies, and he helped his mother emotionally and economically”.

The Last Moment of Angus Cloud

After saying goodnight, she continues in the post, something happened that she can’t explain: “I don’t know if and, if so, what he put in his body after that moment. I only know that he laid his head on the desk he was working on an artistic project, fell asleep and never woke up again”. Lisa Cloud Mclaughlin then remembers the love given and received by her son from those who loved him: “his work in Euphoria has become a lightning rod for his generation and has sparked a debate about compassion, loyalty, acceptance and love”. She also makes reference to an accident that affected her son 10 years earlier: as Angus Cloud himself told in an interview with Variety, his mother saved his life after falling into a ditch dug for construction work and suffering a head trauma and a mild brain injury that was only rendered harmless by an emergency intervention that left him with a noticeable scar on his head. Here, Cloud, after the fall, not seeing any serious wounds, would not have gone to the hospital, while the mother insisted on taking him there. In reference to that episode she writes: “10 years were given to him that he filled with creativity and love“.


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