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Anne Alassane (Masterchef): 9th Baby at 47, Trisomy Carrier

Anne Alassane’s Journey

She has come a long way and overcome many challenges. Highlighted in the Masterchef program, which she won in 2010, Anne Alassane then unfortunately made the headlines for a tragedy. Since her coronation, the chef has come a long way, opening her restaurant, Le Lanaud, in the Limoges region which offers Limousin specialties based on local products.

Tragedy Strikes

But it was the loss of two of her daughters that moved France, in 2012. Two of her six children, Rose, 4 years old, and Louise, 2 years old, tragically died in an accidental fire that broke out in her farmhouse La Pays’Anne, in Montauban, in the Tarn-et-Garonne.

A New Chapter

Today, more than ten years after this unparalleled tragedy, Anne Alassane is finally meeting a little happiness again: she is pregnant. She reveals that this child is a carrier of trisomy. This is what the chef tells us on the occasion of an interview with France Dimanche, this Friday, September 15th. The one who is now at the helm of two restaurants, is already at the head of a large family. Eight times mother, Mathilde (26 years old), Laura (21 years old), Joséphine (19 years old) and Victor (17 years old), Margaux (9 years old) and Amélie (8 years old), and three times grandmother, she is about to welcome her ninth child, at 47 years old. In the race for the start of the school year, Anne Alassane confides in this unexpected happiness: “Surprise of the year: I’m expecting my ninth child! Who, at my age, was not really planned. On learning the news late, I was first shocked, because I was not expecting it at all. But you have to take what life gives you.” Joining the 0.5% of women capable of naturally conceiving at this late age, as she recalls, the former Masterchef candidate has discussed it with her whole tribe, delighted with the news and impatient. A birth of a ninth baby expected for October 25, the due date. Anne Alassane confides that she is living a “perfect” pregnancy, she who has never slowed down her pace. Very monitored, the one who is expecting a little boy will soon take a step back and make sure that her interim is going well. During this interview, she then reveals that this baby is “a carrier of trisomy”. “But we don’t know to what degree, because all the physical and physiological analyses are very good, she says. He is in great shape, moves, and grows well. Each monthly echo has revealed nothing abnormal, which is really nice. So we’ll see at birth… Surprise until the end!” Regarding this difference, the future mother says she is apprehending it with questions and worries. Finally, it is alone with her children that Anne Alassane will raise this child since she confides that there is no father. “I live alone with my two youngest, soon three; because the four oldest have their lives, she explains. But I feel very supported by all my children, even the oldest who are very proud. I’m not alone, I’m with them.



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