Anouchka Delon family circus outing: Lino, the adorable clown, sweet Geneva homecoming.


Lino’s Family Outing

At three and a half years old, he’s a happy little boy! Anouchka Delon’s only son and her husband Julien Dereims’ adorable Lino had a great surprise this Sunday, as his mom shared on Instagram: his parents took him to the circus! First filming the little boy, hand in hand with his dad and seeming very excited in the street, the young woman then posted a photo taken in front of the big top. This gave her fans the chance to notice that Lino is now a real little boy, with his chestnut hair and his pair of sneakers. And even if his mom, of course, hid his face in the picture, the internet users loved this little family outing, which seems to be a repeated tradition judging by the caption chosen by the actress.

Internet Reactions

“Beautiful photo of a little boy between his dad and his mom who he seems to adore!!”, “Very beautiful photo my beautiful Anouchka!” or “Very nice family photo”, can be read in the comments. And if some wished them a good end of vacation, they forget that in Switzerland, where the little family lives, the vacations… ended a long time ago!

Back to Switzerland

Indeed, Swiss schoolchildren went back to school on August 21st, unlike the French children who started school this Monday. But for Lino, it’s not yet time: in the country, school starts at four years old, which gives him another year before his first day of school. Anouchka Delon, in any case, has resumed her good habits in Switzerland after spending a lot of time at Douchy estate this summer, Alain Delon’s property. Very close to her father, the young actress wanted to support him as best she could. And this summer, the whole family was able to rebuild their ties: indeed, after their joint complaint against Hiromi Rollin, the former companion of the actor whom they accuse of mistreating their father, Anouchka and her two brothers Anthony and Alain-Fabien Delon spent a good part of their summer together, in the sublime estate where they seemed to have fun and strengthen their complicity. And despite the distance, the memories will remain forever!


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