Carmen Borrego: Mother’s status not sedated


Maria Teresa Campos’ Health Update

At all times very attentive to the evolution of Maria Teresa Campos’ health, her daughters Terelu and Carmen Borrego have not separated from her for a second. This time it was Carmen who spoke to the media to give the last health report on how her mother is doing and it was through a statement that we have known the seriousness of the situation. In said statement it can be read: “Due to a picture of acute respiratory failure” and they add, “the prognosis is reserved, within the seriousness”.

Carmen Borrego’s Statement

With concern on her face, Carmen was very well accompanied at all times by her husband, José Carlos Bernal and her daughter, Carmen Almoguera. Asking them to please let her be quiet so she could take a little air after so many hours in the hospital, Carmen made it clear that she is “calm” despite her mother’s prognosis. In the face of the latest rumors, which pointed to the veteran broadcaster having been sedated by doctors, Borrego has been categorical: “No. They have her calm”, she clarified, adding that “We don’t know anything else. In these hours it is important to wait”.

Carmen Borrego’s Thanks

Visible very saddened, Carmen Borrego also wanted to thank the press who were waiting at the door for the respect they are showing her mother, although she has remained firm in not speaking any further: “We don’t want to say anything else, we have made a medical statement, I think that is enough”.


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