Ari Boulogne: Drug Addiction, Unpleasant Years – Neighbors’ Accusing Testimony


The life of Ari Boulogne has come to an end in an unfortunate and deplorable way. It has been discovered that the photographer, who had been trying to receive acknowledgement from actor Alain Delon throughout his life, was found dead in his Paris apartment in the 15th arrondissement. According to the Parisien, his body was in a very advanced state of decomposition, suggesting that his death had occurred several days prior. This has highlighted the difficult conditions of his life, as he was disabled by hemiplegia and had not left his apartment in a long time. Furthermore, it is believed that he had returned to taking drugs, something he had done with his mother, singer Nico, in his youth.

Ari Boulogne’s neighbours have described him as an unpleasant man who never spoke to them. They have also reported that the police had to be called to his apartment several times due to violent arguments between him and his girlfriend Yasmina, who has since been placed in police custody for “non-assistance to a person in danger”. It was Yasmina who discovered his body. She has been described by neighbours as a strange woman who has had her little girl placed in a foster home.

Ari Boulogne had two children, Charles and Blanche, who are 24 and 17 years old respectively. He had started proceedings to have his filiation recognized, but to no avail. Nevertheless, Anthony Delon paid tribute to this possible half-brother with a message on Instagram.

The neighbours of Ari Boulogne will not remember him fondly, as his home was frequently invaded by drug dealers and cockroaches. Furthermore, he was immobile due to his illness and had not been seen in a year. In sum, despite his efforts to gain recognition from Alain Delon, Ari Boulogne’s life ended in extreme poverty.


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