Belen Esteban Rosalia: Friendship Origins & Current Status


Belen Esteban and Rosalia’s Friendship

Belen Esteban and Rosalia’s friendship is not unknown to anyone: every time they see each other, the singer and the ‘Sálvame’ collaborator make it clear on social media, and they really love each other! But what we didn’t know until now was how they had met, being apparently from such different worlds.

The Story Behind Their Friendship

But Belen, who just a few days ago was a guest on the famous YouTube channel ‘Club 113’ (where, by the way, she spoke freely about Kiko Matamoros), explained the story of this beautiful relationship. Apparently, after a defence that she made of Rosalia’s worldwide success when there were still people who criticised it, the singer contacted her through social media to thank her in person and invite her to a concert! Since then, they have been inseparable: “For me she is one of the best people I have ever met”, Belen says tenderly. “I love her very much, and her sister Pili, and her mother Pilar. I also know Rauw Alejandro! He is charming”, she adds.

The State of Their Friendship Today

Regarding the state of their friendship, the one from Paracuellos has also updated that, today, they still talk regularly. “She always writes me something”, Belen says with a smile on her lips, making it clear that Rosalia “is where she is thanks to her work”.


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