Camilla Kate: Is There Really a Connection?


The Relationship between Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla

What is the relationship between Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla really like? Recently, there has been talk of tensions, given the Princess’s blatant rudeness to the sovereign: at Charles III’s coronation, Kate did not bow to Camilla. Because “she was angry,” as the British press explained. The reason? At the ceremony on May 6, “Middleton was only able to invite four members of her family,” while the Queen has gathered twenty Parker Bowles, including her ex-husband Andrew, in the Abbey. An “injustice” that would have sent Kate into a rage. And yet the relationship between the two women, united by the same destiny – one is the wife of the king, the other will one day be – had always been described as “excellent”. According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Camilla has been on Kate’s side since the beginning of her relationship with Prince William. And it was she, from the beginning, her most trusted advisor, who explained to her how to get used to life as a member of the British royal family. Robert Lacey, who in his book Battle of Brothers recounts that Camilla “revealed to Kate the secret to staying by the side of a busy prince”: “Adapt your calendar – well, practically your whole life – around his”. The current queen, for her part, owes a lot to the Princess of Wales: if she is now well-regarded by the royal family, it is also thanks to William’s wife. Angela Levin is convinced of this, who in her book Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort, writes: “Time has contributed to improving Camilla’s relationship with the senior royals, including Prince William, largely thanks to the Princess of Wales, who is a peacemaker”.

A Common Passion for Art and Social Causes

In addition, Levin adds, the two women are united by their common passion for art: “Catherine has a great love for the arts, which William does not particularly share, and often goes to see exhibitions with Charles and his wife”. Kate and Camilla are also united by their social battles: the Princess of Wales is focused on issues related to childhood, the Queen Consort is at the side of women victims of violence. The two royals fight on different fronts in the name of the Crown, but both bring important social causes into the spotlight.

The Facade of Harmony

In public, the two women always appear in harmony. And it would not be a facade harmony. That’s what body language expert Darren Stanton thinks: “During events, Kate often touches Camilla while exchanging banter. And their facial expressions seem to correspond and reflect each other, which denotes a deep level of trust and connection. Even their smiles and laughter seem genuine,” Stanton explained some time ago. And yet, at the coronation, Kate refused to bow to the Queen. A blatant rudeness that went around the world and which, at least for gossip, did not go without consequences: there is already talk (as if Prince Harry weren’t enough) of a new feud in the royal family …


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