Camilla Queen neighbour in holiday home for unforgettable stay!


Queen Camilla’s Private Retreat

It is said that Ray Mill House, which Queen Camilla purchased in 1995, is the place where Camilla feels most at home. With her partner’s home, Highgrove, just a 15-minute drive away, the country house boasts 12 acres of gardens, an outdoor swimming pool, a terrace and stables for horses. Camilla purchased the property at the time of her separation from her first partner for £850,000 (around €98,000), though it is estimated to be worth much more now. She lived there until 2005 when she married, but chose to keep it even after the marriage as her own personal countryside refuge.

Neighboring Construction

Holidaymakers could soon find themselves in close proximity to Queen Camilla: reportedly, a holiday home is set to be built just metres away from her country retreat. The neighbour who shares a private driveway with the Queen has been granted permission to turn one of his outbuildings into a holiday cottage, according to a recent report. This means that holidaymakers could be spending their days just metres away from the royals.

Queen Camilla’s Enjoyments

Lady Lansdowne, who is godmother to Camilla’s daughter and lives nearby, recently told The Times that one of the things the Queen enjoys most when she is at Ray Mill is the discretion. Lady Lansdowne also told that the Queen’s five grandchildren, Lola Lopes, 16, Eliza Lopes, 15, Gus and Louis Lopes, 13, and Freddy Parker Bowles, 13, spend time with her at Ray Mill. There they play Wordle with their grandmother and introduce her to TikTok, while Camilla cooks on her Aga and listens to The Archers.


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