Cara Delevingne kisses girlfriend Minke at Wimbledon


Cara Delevingne and Minke: Love at Wimbledon

While on the grass of Wimbledon great tennis players and outsiders keep fans on the edge of their seats, love is also being staged on the stands. A classic of the most important tournament of the summer, which every year helps to reveal new passions and to confirm those already consolidated. The last famous one to have chosen the temple of tennis to tell the world of being in love, the model Cara Delevingne, protagonist of passionate kisses with the British musician Minke, stage name of Leah Mason.

Cara and Minke Spotted at Wimbledon

Cara Delevingne and Minke at Wimbledon © Getty Images. The two were spotted at Wimbledon on Monday, July 10; joyful atmosphere, smiles, jokes and kisses, not escaped the objectives of the photographers. It was impossible not to notice them, especially because Delevingne literally gave a show with her frenzied support, between grimaces and funny expressions, which also made Sienna Miller, her neighbor, very amused. Cara Delevingne and Sienna Miller at Wimbledon © Getty Images.

Cara and Minke’s Long-Running Love Story

Between Cara Delevingne and Minke the story has been going on for about a year, when for the first time the two were photographed in Portofino. Their acquaintance, however, is much older and dates back to school times; after losing sight of each other, a new meeting about 12 years later, at an Alanis Morissette concert. To confirm the anecdote, also a Story on Instagram published last March by Cara, on the occasion of Minke’s thirty-second birthday; a school photo, among other contemporaries. The couple met at school and found each other several years later © Getty Images. More about them is not known. Cara Delevingne has always been careful not to reveal too much, but one thing is certain: in the story she is living she does not have the impression of “having to save someone”, as she herself revealed to Vogue US. An indispensable condition to be together.


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