Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt: New War of Rose Accusations-“Him, a Petulant Child”


The Battle Over Chateau Miraval

Many have nicknamed it the rosé war, recalling the famous dynastic struggle fought in England in the mid-1400s. In reality, the battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is one that is played out in courtrooms, with the ruling houses – obviously – having nothing to do with it. The object of contention, in fact, is wine: or rather, the French Chateau Miraval of which the two actors were co-owners at 50% until two years ago. When she sold her share, it sent her ex-husband into a rage.

The Alleged Deal

According to reports, the two had struck a deal accepting not to sell their interests in Miraval without the other’s consent: an agreement never confirmed by the Jolie team, which is rumored to have even refused an offer from Pitt himself for over fifty million dollars, however, subject to “a non-disclosure agreement related to discussions outside the court of his personal behavior”. A few months later she would then have sold her shares “secretly” to the Stoli group.

Pitt’s Alleged Response

Infuriated by the fact that Jolie sold to Stoli rather than to him, Pitt acted like a petulant child, reads CNN, which reports the legal document filed by Nouvel, the company through which the actress controlled half of the shares of Chateau Miraval. The Fight Club star was also allegedly asked for a compensation of 350 million dollars, with the accusation of having “plundered” the company. “He has spent millions on vanity projects,” it continues, “renovating pools and restoring a recording studio”. According to another passage of the documents reported by Page Six, the idea that Pitt would have set up the wine production would be “ridiculous”. The reference is especially to an interview in 2014 with Wine Spectator, in which he described himself as “a farmer”. “He is an actor, not a winemaker. In the same years in which he would have built the business, he appeared in dozens of films, not to mention promotional appearances, jet-setting around the world, attending premieres and Hollywood parties”. Pending a reply, the attack leaves no room for misunderstanding: “Pitt deals in illusions, not land and grapes”.


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