Catherine Matausch’s Farewell: France 3 Cuts Her Off, Her Reaction


The Unexpected Farewell of Catherine Matausch

Just like Fabienne Amiach before her, Catherine Matausch saw her farewell speech abruptly interrupted on Monday, July 3, 2023. Contacted by Le Parisien for the paper edition of this Tuesday, July 4, the journalist agreed to answer the newspaper’s questions and notably came back to this lack of respect, according to the internet users, which she obviously did not consider as such. In the euphoria, it turns out that the 63-year-old pretty blonde did not realize anything! “It was a unique moment, I was not expecting such mobilization of the teams, very numerous on the set, especially since I had not spread the date corresponding to my departure on vacation. I received a lot. It was a powerful moment. (…) Everyone was applauding me and it didn’t stop, so at one point I asked: ‘are we still on the air?’ Nobody answered me, it was a bit of chaos,” she explained, laughing.

The Aftermath of the Farewell

Once the emotions had subsided, Catherine Matausch learned that she had been cut off in the middle of her speech. But far from being rancorous, she said she was very happy that the sequence was finally broadcast by one of her close friends shortly afterwards. “It was very elegant to broadcast the sequence afterwards on France 2. The idea of broadcasting it at the end of Laurent Delahousse’s news came from Alexandre Kara, the director of the news,” she revealed. Being very close to the presenter, the latter obviously accepted the proposal with great pleasure. “With Laurent, we have privileged relationships because our offices are just separated by a window in the newsroom. In the premises, we were making little waves every weekend! “, she specified with a nostalgia already very present.

The Future of Catherine Matausch

Now on vacation, Catherine Matausch still finds it hard to realize that her story with the France 3 news is over. “It was a real tribute, it will take me several days to answer all the messages received. It is an exceptional fraternity because I receive words from correspondents abroad as well as from the regions! “, she concluded. We can’t wait to find out her new projects!


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