Harry Meghan: Latest on Separation Rumors


Rumors of an Upcoming Divorce

Different media outlets in the UK agree that the separation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is near. Meghan’s constant appearances at private parties in Los Angeles without her husband, as well as the rumor, denied by Harry, that he has stayed in hotels outside the marital home on some occasions, only serve to increase the theory of an upcoming divorce. It was British television presenter Jeremy Kyle who made statements that unleashed this information. “After five years of marriage, Ginger Whinger [derogatory term translated as “the red whinger”] will return to the UK with his tail between his legs, while Meghan will stay in California with their children, with everything she had always wanted,” he says.

Lack of Public Appearances

The truth is that the couple’s latest appearances are light years away from the complicity they used to show and it is significant that on their wedding anniversary neither commented anything publicly. Nor does it help that they no longer know how to continue earning money, since their popularity has decreased due to the accusation that Spotify has made to the still married couple, accusing them of “fraudsters” for falsifying interviews in their podcasts.

Harry and Meghan on Their Wedding Day

Harry and Meghan on their wedding day.


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