Cécile Auclert: Ex-husband was Navarro’s mulet!


Cécile Auclert: A Discreet Life

Today is a big day for Cécile Auclert as she celebrates her 58th birthday. A special moment that she will surely spend with family. But don’t expect the actress to film or photograph this day… Extremely discreet about her life in general, she who played the role of Fanny in the series Les filles d’à côté, from 1993 to 1995, is not present at all on social networks. So, we know very little about her, except that she was married to Christian Rauth, also an actor by profession.

Christian Rauth: A Long Career

Just 73 years old, Christian Rauth has a full career. If he has played in several movies released in cinemas, he is mostly known for his roles in TV movies and famous series. In fact, his most remarkable role is probably that of Inspector René Auquelin in the series Navarro. A role he has played for more than 17 years, from 1989 to 2006! At the same time, Christian Rauth has also played a lot in theater and has also distinguished himself as a director in the 1970s.

Cécile Auclert and Christian Rauth: Love on Set

We know almost nothing about their relationship, the two lovers having remained very discreet about their marriage… What we know is that the two actors did not have any children together. Cécile Auclert is however the mother of a daughter named Tabata, born in 1991 from her first marriage with the navigator Nicolas Raynaud. Christian Rauth, on the other hand, is the father of a large tribe composed of four children: Julie-Anne (also an actress), Héloïse (singer), Thomas and Justine. He had a fifth child, Antonin (born just after Julie-Anne, ed.), but this one unfortunately died on March 5, 2008 from acute pancreatitis. He was only 33 years old. A tragedy for the actor who had a lot of trouble overcoming this grief… Note that Cécile Auclert and Christian Rauth played together in the series Père et maire (TF1) in the early 2000s. A shoot on which they fell in love and after which they decided to get married, in 2005. The actress has now deserted the shootings and does not complain, quite the contrary. “On TV, they take you and then they throw you away without any regard. And you have to be smooth in all senses of the term. But I’m a loudmouth… and I can’t stand Botox! So I don’t want to shoot anymore. (…) I live as a hermit in Marseille, in 33 square meters, with my two pianos,” she told Télé-Loisirs in 2015.


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