Charlene Monaco quits Instagram, rumors of Swiss move circulate.


Princess Charlene’s Social Media Activity

In conjunction with the latest rumors about her relationship with Albert of Monaco, Princess Charlene has increased the mystery that has surrounded her for years by deleting her official Instagram account without explanation. Although she had not been using it for months, in the past the Monegasque consort was quite active on the social network, where she often published photos of her children, the heir prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Rumors of Marital Problems

The account had also been the tool she used to communicate during her much talked about (and long) stay in South Africa two years ago, posting photos of visits by her children and husband. Princess Charlene was the only member of the royal family to have a profile on a social network, which is quite unusual even in other European courts. The Norwegian princess Mette Marit, for example, used Instagram for a while, but then protected her account by making it private and stopped sharing posts. Princess Charlene of Monaco’s Instagram profile disappeared in the days when rumors of her possible marital problems resurfaced. “Was it a palace order? Is this a confirmation of the news that Charlene now lives alone in Switzerland, away from the Grimaldi’s royal life?”, asked an opinionator of the magazine Paris Match yesterday. In recent days, in fact, several media have reported the news that the princess does not live in Monaco anymore. The French magazine Voici wrote that she lives in Switzerland and only goes to the Principality for a certain number of official events and public appearances required by the “ceremonial” marriage with Albert, with whom, according to the press, the princess alternates to share the company of the children.

Princess Charlene’s Upcoming Appearance

“The deactivation of the Instagram account is part of the agreement between Charlene and Albert. On the condition of leaving communication in the hands of the palace, she is allowed to retire there (in Switzerland) and obtain freedom elsewhere,” said the German newspaper Bild citing its source. One of the rare appearances of Charlene with Albert of Monaco will take place next month in South Africa, where the couple will go to attend the inauguration of the Water Bike Challenge organized by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The princess is originally from this African country and in 2021, after contracting an infection in her ear, nose and throat during a previous visit, she spent more than a year there. Both Charlene and Prince Albert have denied that the princess’s prolonged absence from Monaco was due to a marital crisis, but the rumors have continued.


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